eSky Innovation Days

Create - Cooperate - Have fun

eSKY Innovation Days is two-day event, in which everyone can can make his wildest, most innovative ideas related to our company come true. Perhaps, it'll be Your innovation that get appreciated and become full-fledged solution. Or you come up with some small feauture that make everyone's work much more pleasant. One thing is certain: You'll have great time making your OWN ideas come alive.

Innovation Days will take place in three stages:

I. Gathering Ideas and forming teams
- deadline 20.05

You can add your project through Confluence and recruit your future team members during morning coffee meetings, via skype or anything way you want. Maybe if your idea is really interesting they'll be knocking to your door right away :)

II. Innovation Day - 03.06 - 04.06

After small reorganization of office space, the members of each project, sitting together, can start working. We provide food, beverages and all the help you may need so you don't have to worry about anything than your project. These stage will be closed on Saturday, 10 p.m.

III. Demo Day - 06.06.2016

It's time to boast about your achievements from stage II. Each team presents effects of their work. The best projects will be chosen and rewarded by workmates and business jury.

What kind of ideas you can propose

  • - The ideas must be in any way related to our business activities: from ideas about optimizing our office space through project that can make our work more efficent up to innovation that can affect the speed of our global expansion.
  • - The idea should be possible to develop in MVP (minimum viable product) form during Innovation Days. It can be a prototype that proves the solution can work and we should invest more time in it.
  • - The idea should provide value, preferably for business. Doing something that's just cool & fancy but nothing good can come up from it misses the point of Innovation Days. Make something useful!
  • - In the end of day, the project you were working on should be ready to present for broader audience during demo. Couple lines of dry code probably isn't the best idea for Innovation Days ;)

  • Examples

    - prototype of app that use our Hotels and Deals to make it possible to plan a trip to some country and serve users informations about POIs during the trip.

    - sending push notifications to user when some great promotion appears to previously defined destination.

    - a webcam based ping-pong table monitoring with ability to book a table

Year 1932. First attempt to design navigation. At first it was just a paper roll with a map. Later, it would be synchronized with vehicle speed.

Join the fun fun fun

Add your idea right now or help others and join the team. Don't wait till the last moment. We count on your creativity and self-organization. You can make Innovations Days the greatest event ever! :)

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Innovation Days 03.06 - 04.06


Team are preparing their workplaces
Minimum of time that you spend working on the project.
Pizza time!


Catering during day

Demo Day 06.06


Show time
Voting for the best project
Announcement of winners
Back to normal work


Nope. You can just sit back and watch as others develop great things while having fun. Seriously, we're sure that the great mind like yours and pair of hands will make you useful for any team, even if you don't join them at first.
Yes, the data doesn't have to be from real source, but you should always think if these type of date is possible to attain in real case. As you know, there's no problem with creating innovate solutions when you're working without restrains and restrictions. Think about something that's really possible to develop, even if not today. If you come with great solution there's no problem to obtain neccessary data or services.
Yes, theoretically. Before you do it, think if you can be effective and useful to each of your teams.
Maximum number of members in one team is 8 (with team leader). Minimum is 1, so if you are able to design and code, You can just do it by yourself.
There's no speciality than can't be useful. Also, during Innvation Days you can help with technology you're not well experienced. Remember: there's no need to make production quality code.
If you can produce this type of code quality in 2 days feel free to do it :) If your project is more complicated or involves serveral services - make prototype that proves that the idea is working. That's good enough! The quality of code will become something that should be worked on if your project will be added to sprint.